Fabric Menders (Except Garment)

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  • Director of Administrative Services - Menders Inc. - Atlanta, GA

    Reconcile monthly bank and credit card statements to QuickBooks. Responsible for data entry in QuickBooks database, such as loading annual budget

  • Device Repair Technician - ubreakifix - Duluth, GA

    Our job is about fixing technology, yes, but the real goal is to aid those in need... to save the baby pictures off of a water damaged phone, to get

  • Garment Mender - Cintas - Fort Wayne, IN

    Skills/Qualifications Required • Ability to stand for 7 hours of an 8 hour shift • Sewing experience • Basic language and communication

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What Fabric menders Do

Repair tears, holes, and other defects in fabrics, such as draperies, linens, parachutes, and tents.

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