Top Entry Level Employers Survey Results

Hiring Projected To Increase for Small to Medium Employers

Milwaukee, WI - Imagine that you are about to graduate from college, on the verge of embarking into the real world to begin the rest of your life. As you read the news, you note that the unemployment rate is at a record high, that large companies are being forced to layoff workers left and right, and that there is a substantial increase in competition for jobs.

So what do you have to look forward to in the current job market?

There are many, many new job opportunities for the Class of 2002if you know where to find them, according to Brian Krueger, President of

The basis of this positive outlook on entry level hiring is a recent survey conducted over the past two months by to identify the Top Entry Level Employers of 2002 that was released today at The survey shows a slight improvement in the overall entry level hiring picture, with results of more than 250 company responses identifying over 120,000 entry level job opportunities projected for 2002. This is the largest survey and compiled list of entry level employers available on the Internet. noted Krueger, and it shows positive indicators that entry level job opportunities are increasing, especially for small to medium employers.

Students should not overreact to the layoff headlines and assume job hunting is hopeless. There are always employers with hiring needs, and many will use this recession to hire top talent. said Dr. Larry Routh, Director of Career Services at the University of Nebraska.

Are there any surprises on the list?
Who would have guessed...

There are the expected corporate giants:

  • General Motors
  • General Electric
  • Disney
  • NASA
  • among many other well-known companies

But some of the surprises to hit the list . . .

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car clocks in at the #2 position, with 6,000 hires anticipated for 2002
  • Teach for America, the Boy Scouts of America, and the U.S. Secret Service not only made the list, but are among the top 100 employers

New Hiring Shows Economic Turnaround

While many of the largest employers are trimming back on the overall number of hires, there is increasing hiring demand from mid-level and smaller employers. Were still recruiting superstars from college campuses, and our college recruiting program is an integral part of our recruiting strategy for software engineers, said Rachael Round, Manager of College Recruiting for

Krueger noted that it is typically the smaller firms that accelerate out of a recession most quickly. One of the early signs of economic turnaround is positive year-to-year hiring growth for college grads. And most often this hiring growth begins with the smaller employers.

So, out of all the companies offering such great opportunities for entry-level workers, who came in at #1? For that, you'll have to visit the list at

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