Names Top Entry-Level Employers for 2009

Entry-Level Job Opportunities Remain Stable

Foster City, CA (PRWEB) April 21, 2009 -- As college graduation ceremonies commence nationwide,, the #1 Entry-Level Job Site on the Web, announces the Top Entry-Level Employers for 2009. Despite difficult economic times, 2009 faces the second largest projected increase in entry-level hiring has seen since 2005, down 1.5 percent from last year, but up 11.4 percent from 2007.

The Top Entry-Level Employers list represents nearly 158,000 jobs for the class of 2009, and is available online at Verizon Wireless tops the list with plans of hiring more than 13,000 new grads, while the smallest featured employers will hire as few as 10; good news for graduates, as entry-level job opportunities look to remain stable in 2009.

"The hiring landscape is ever-changing and provides challenges to the employer and employee alike," Staff VP for Verizon Wireless, Leighann McGinnis said. "Despite these challenges, there is a continued need to identify and attract top talent...College graduates are highly engaged, technically adept and compliment our culture."

Although entry-level job seekers face one of the worst economic recessions in recent history, college recruiting remains stable. New hires need to be able to perform and provide fresh insight in a time when many companies are struggling.

"I want seniors and recent graduates to be aware that there are jobs out there for them, despite the media's 24/7 hyperbole about the economy," Director of Career Services for Mount Ida College, Rob Brooks said. "They probably will encounter some rejection as they pursue employment, but that is normal in any economy and should not deter them from their career goals. Focused effort, job hunting skills, persistence and resiliency will overcome any obstacles to their search." reminds college grads that a successful job search requires a concerted and focused effort. With more entry-level career information provided to college students and recent grads than available at any other site, is a premier job search destination.

"The cliche is true...finding a job is a full-time job in itself," Director of Career Services, Purdue University Calumet, Shelly Robinson said. "It is a lot of work and students should be prepared to encounter rejection, and even worse, get no response at all. Even so, they shouldn't give up and should continue to network and seek out the perfect opportunity."

The Top Entry-Level Employers list was generated while conducting the 2009 Top Entry-Level Employers survey. Respondents provided entry-level, master's, and intern hiring projections for 2009. Respondents also broke down projected hires by major and ranked criteria in order of importance for hiring consideration. A full copy of the survey is available at:

About was founded in 1995 and has been running the Top Entry Level Employer survey since 2003. Over that time, has become the number one destination site for students and recent college grads looking for career advice and job search assistance. Additionally, has become a trusted partner and resource for hundreds of national schools and universities. If you would like to be included in future surveys or if you wish to get information about how you can link to your company profile page, please contact Adeola Ogunwole

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Employer quotes

Employers were asked to give their views on the state of entry level hiring in the industry and their company. The following topics were also suggested:

  • What specific value do college grad hires bring to your company?
  • What value do Interns bring to your company?
  • Describe an Internship experience at your company.
  • What are the critical success factors for new college grads entering the workforce?
  • What unique employer features set you apart as an employer of choice among top entry level talent?
  • Explain how specific industry or economic trends have influenced your 2009 college recruiting.

"The hiring landscape is ever changing and provides challenges to the employer and employee alike. Despite these challenges there is a continued need to identify and attract top talent. Verizon Wireless is a company that is focused on the future. We recognize that our future relies on the leaders of tomorrow and that these future leaders exist on the college campuses today."

"College graduates are highly engaged, technically adept and compliment our culture. That is why Verizon Wireless offers dynamic career opportunities for the best and brightest. Our college graduates will shape the future business landscape and continue to position Verizon Wireless as an industry leader."

Leighann McGinnis
Verizon Wireless

"College graduates should do what they've always done. Be educated about companies that are hiring, know what sets them apart from other candidates, and be able to speak to their successes or experiences. However, now, when there is more competition for jobs, it's a good idea for those looking for a job to be open-minded about the types of positions they are applying for, and about companies at which they are applying. Investigate opportunities they might not have first considered to see what career opportunities exist."

"We are most pleased with the fact that we haven't strayed from our core business model of hiring at our entry level management trainee position and almost exclusively promoting within, using that position as our pipeline for talent for our future leaders."

Marie Artim
Assistant Vice President, Recruiting
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"Through our college hiring programs, our new hires have a chance to be placed immediately into roles where they can both learn the business and provide value to our shareowners. Our company is a going concern and we must have young, sharp, diverse talent in order for our business to continue to grow. Without entry level graduates coming into our workforce, our long-term talent base would dry up quickly. The student hires of today are our company leaders of tomorrow."

Scott S. Smith
Vice President, Staffing

"Our experience has been that intern/co-ops represent valuable members of the work team, who are eager to apply their knowledge and contribute to business objectives."

"Despite current economic conditions, Lockheed Martin still feels it is strategically important to hire at our current pace from college campuses. As such, the corporation will continue to have a strong focus on entry-level recruitment for both full-time and intern/co-op positions, in order to build the pipeline of entry-level talent."

Leslie Chappell
Director of University Relations
Lockheed Martin Corporation

"College grads play an essential role in the success of our company. They have the ability to look at a problem from multiple angles; they are great at multi-tasking and they are more than capable of adapting to changing work demands. Additionally, college grads are willing to take on challenging responsibilities and leadership roles in order to prove their value to the organization."

Chris Housewright
Human Resources Director
21st Mortgage Corporation

"Recruiting and hiring interns, today, at Kearney Company is just as important as hiring for experienced positions because we aim to transition our interns into permanent college hires who will develop future careers with Kearney. The contributions made by Kearney interns and new college hires directly affect the overall outcome of our engagements, as they bring new perspectives and refreshing energy to assignments. At Kearney, we place equal importance on our business mission and our employees."

Erin Ogburn
Kearney Company

"Attracting top talent for entry level positions has been our strategy for many years since we work hard to retain that talent for future growth. While economic conditions have temporarily created an abundance of good candidates, we still make sure we continue to offer great benefits that are particularly appealing to recent college graduates. Casual dress code, a world class fitness facility, flexible scheduling, and a culture of fun are just some of the features that help us hire and retain good entry level people."

Jamie Van Dyck
Human Resources Specialist

"Today's college graduates are defined by a spirit of civic engagement and a sense of possibility. They aren't just looking for a job; they are seeking ways to shape the future of our country. We have been inspired by the growing number of college seniors and recent graduates who are lining up to expand opportunities for students in low-income schools. They are determined to channel their talent and energy toward strengthening our communities and taking on our nation's challenges."

Elissa Clapp
Senior Vice President of Recruitment
Teach For America

Grant Thornton is committed to ensuring that we have a strong pipeline of talent. Campus recruiting is a cornerstone of our organization and we are continuing to find talent. Like many businesses right now we are experiencing the effects of a challenging economy, but history has shown that eventually these conditions will improve. By remaining focused on the long term, Grant Thornton is well-positioned for future growth and for continuing to provide unparalleled opportunities for our people.

Nina Guthrie
National Director of University Recruiting
Grant Thornton

"Ernst Young's campus recruiting efforts will continue to focus on developing relationships with the most talented accounting and business students. We plan on hiring over 2,700 students for entry level positions and we will have over 2,100 interns in 2009. We continue to be a top employer on campus; what differentiates us from other organizations is our commitment to our people and their development. As we provide them with the opportunity to achieve their potential, they will make a difference for their clients and their communities."

Dan Black
Director, Americas Campus Recruiting
Ernst Young LLP

"HP recognizes that there is no substitute for the new ideas and energy that college grads bring into the workplace. Therefore, hiring of college grads will continue to be strategically important for the company throughout these turbulent times."

Ken Hake
University Recruiting Program Manager
Hewlett Packard

"The secret of success for many college grads will be on their ability to leverage the relationships they have built… or even that their parents and friends have built. If you have interned somewhere, go back and talk to the people you interned with. Maybe not the bosses - maybe the coworkers. (Facebook and Linked in might work perfectly) If you did a good job they WILL remember and help you."

"Don't get frustrated when things don't happen quickly. The secret will be how quickly YOU can change them - not how quickly they will change for you. Read books on interviewing. Practice. Pretend this is for your biggest final of the year. You are now competing with people who do have experience. Leverage your "freshness" by letting potential employers know that you ARE coachable. Many people competing for the same jobs are not. Tell them you want to be molded into their ideal employee."

Mark Liston, CFE
Director of Franchise Development Sales Recruiting

"One critical factor of success for a new college grad entering the workforce is their ability to learn from each mistake and to use critiques as building blocks to reach their potential. Be a sponge. Soak up every possible ounce of information and observe and emulate constructive habits of supervisors and coworkers."

"Novogradac Company is a popular accounting firm among entry-level candidates because we foster an environment of continuous learning. For our new hires, we have a mentor program as well as frequent training sessions throughout the year. We also encourage and support educational advancement outside the firm by providing tuition reimbursement for graduate degrees and related courses."

"The internship experience at Novogradac Company is a very hands-on experience. Interns have exposure to both audit and tax and are asked to do the same work as Staff Accountants. Upon completion of the program, many interns possess a very realistic idea of what is required of them when they become Staff Accountants."

Shelby Leland
Human Resources Assistant
Novogradac Company, LLP

"Even in a tough economy employers are still looking for top college talent to bring energy and fresh ideas to their companies. While the amount of college placement has declined this year, Hyatt is still hiring for our Corporate Management Training Program and Internship programs. Most of the students placed into our training program this year were interns with us last summer. Getting direct experience of any kind from an employer is often the best way to get your foot in the door and turn that experience into a long term career opportunity."

Randy Goldberg
Vice President Recruiting
Hyatt Hotels Resorts - North America Operations

"Despite current economic conditions, we continue to seek new professionals and emerging leaders for our 9 Leadership Development and Sales Development programs. As one of the Nation's Top Companies for Leaders and being named a 'Best Place to Launch a Career,' Whirlpool Corporation has high expectations for our new hires and maintains an unwavering commitment to offer unmatched and compelling experiential learning opportunities that will enable us to meet our global talent needs and maintain our position as the industry leader in Home Appliance manufacturing and marketing."

Jeff Beavers
Director, Global University Relations
Whirlpool Corporation

"At City Year, it is an exciting time. The passage of the Serve America Act is an historic moment for the nation and the service movement. City Year will grow to offer more than 1700 entry level positions in 2009. Members work primarily in the community's most under-resourced schools where they take on multi-faceted roles providing academic support, leading and innovating education programs, and serving as role models to youth. As part of the experience members work on a team with young adults who come from diverse backgrounds. Each team has a unique focus, varying from a specific neighborhood to youth leadership and social issues."

Jana Curtis
Recruitment Director
City Year Greater Philadelphia

"At Sodexo, we see interns as the future leaders of our company. Hence the reason we named our program, the Sodexo Future Leaders Internship Program. Because of the turbulent economy, many companies are paring down or cutting out their internship programs altogether. At Sodexo, we took a different approach and made the decision to expand our program to include both spring ad summer internships. The end in mind is to provide our interns with a world class internship experience and to eventually hire the best and the brightest into entry level management positions with our company."

Michelle Thomas, CDR
Senior Manager, Diversity Recruiting

Career Center Quotes

College Career Center Managers were asked to give their views on the state of entry level hiring in the nation and in relation to their campus. The following topics were also suggested:

  • What specific value do college grad hires bring to companies?
  • What value do internships provide for college students and recent grads searching for employment?
  • What critical factors should college grads be aware of in their entry level job search?
  • Explain how specific industry or economic trends have influenced college recruiting at your campus.

College graduates can offer to employers honed skill sets and bases of knowledge; energy to dive into new and challenging projects; and a commitment to achieving excellence. Today's graduates are confident, tech-savvy, and rich with experiences gained from areas ranging from service to student organizations to field-related internships.

Field-related experience lets students test drive career fields before graduation and poises them for ready entry into their fields. Students who have had internships easily rise to the top when competing for jobs with peers who have not had such preparation.

Sara Crow
Assistant Director of Communications
Louisiana State University

Recent grads are the lifeblood of any company. They bring new passion to proven experience. The hard part for new grads in a tight economy is getting their foot in the door.

Internships are an excellent way for recent grads or soon to be grads to get their foot in the door with a company. Often companies use internships as a pipeline for hiring new talent. For the company, it poses little risk for the company, because by nature internships are short term. If the intern doesn't perform or show promise, they "audition" another intern until they find the right fit. Students should view internship opportunities as an extended interview that is behavior-based. The difference is, the employer can see first hand how the student will handle any given situation or challenge.

The cliché is true… finding a job is a full-time job in itself. It is a lot of work and students should be prepared to encounter rejection, even worse get no response at all. Even so, they shouldn't give up and should continue to network and seek out the perfect opportunity.

Shelly L. Robinson
Director of Career Services
Purdue University Calumet

I want seniors and recent graduates to be aware that there are jobs out there for them, despite the media's 24/7 hyperbole about the economy. They probably will encounter some rejection as they pursue employment, but that is normal in any economy and should not deter them from their career goals. Focused effort, job hunting skills, persistence and resiliency will overcome any obstacles to their search.

Rob Brooks
Director of Career Services
Mount Ida College

Internships are a key component of any college students education. They provide the opportunity to gain hands on practical experience in a particular field or industry, but even more importantly , internships provide the opportunity for college students to build their network and connect with professionals in their area of interest.

Internships have always been important, but now, more than ever, we are encouraging our students to participate in the internship program. Networking continues to expand as a key element of the job search process and what better way to build your network than to intern at an organization and take advantage of meeting and impressing the very people who can assist you in your job search when it is time to graduate!

Debbie Kaylor
Career Center Director
Boise State University

Our 2009 graduates have a concerned optimism in their job search! They are prepared to accept positions with employers where they can learn new skills to pay their bills and network with professionals in industries that might not be their first choice career path due to lower numbers of job opportunities. This is the economic reality, but definitely shows the flexibility, adaptability, perseverance, and hopefulness this generation brings to our workforce! For instance, the industry and economic trends in manufacturing and finance have decreased the on-campus recruiting, as well as, the job opportunities and our graduates are considering job openings in government and health care.

Robin Salyer Fleischer
Director, Graves Center for Calling Career
Georgetown College

Most college graduates don't realize they should be devoting 40 hours/wk to a full-time job search. Full time employment, family, and class work are just a few of the responsibilities that make this a very tough order to follow. Job seekers need to strategically structure their searching time by identifying the best job hunting methods that yield the highest rate of return. One of the best ways to do this is through professional networking. The more people that know about the type of job you're seeking, the better. There are many ways to create a list of potential people to contact. Start with who you know through family and friends. Consider using your college alumni network. Join a professional networking service like Linked-In. Then divide your list by the type of help you might receive - will hand deliver your resume to the appropriate person within the company/will refer job openings/will offer advice suggestions about the industry/will share their list of contacts/etc.

Lisa Kastor
Director, Career Services
The College of Wooster

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