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In response to the demand of Florida's rapidly growing population, City College is focused on, and committed to, providing the best in business and career education.
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  • Business Administration Bachelor Degree
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Associate Degree

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Earn a degree at Central Penn College and achieve your career goals. Choose from bachelor and associate degree programs in criminal justice, business, and technology.
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Business managers are responsible for the successful operations of a business unit, or for the entire enterprise. Their duties may include management of telecommunications, human resources, IT and records, facilities, sales, marketing, or accounting. They serve in corporate, government, or non-profit organizations and may be responsible for recruiting and developing a staff of productive employees.

How to Prepare for a Career in Business Management

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that employers are looking for managers who are decisive, detail-oriented, analytical, and hold solid leadership and communication skills. Often, managers begin at entry or mid-level positions within a business organization, earning experience in their chosen field of finance, IT, operations, health care, sales, marketing, or human resources.

Business Management Education requirements

You can prepare for business management roles by completing an undergraduate degree in business management or business administration. Today's job candidates increasingly return to college or university Business Management School to earn their MBA degree to remain competitive in the career marketplace. Some managers pursue professional certifications or attend seminars held by business management programs.

Business Management Salaries and Job Outlook

Salaries for managers vary by role, experience, and depth of business management training. The median annual income for managers in 2008 was $73,520, with top-earners taking home $129,770. Earnings can be higher for those who complete an MBA degree and hold extensive management experience. The BLS projects an increase by 12 percent in the total number of jobs created for business managers during the 2008-to-2018 decade. Applicants for top jobs will face keen competition, while opportunities for middle-management roles will be better for candidates who can manage a wide range of professional responsibilities.