The Best Internships for College Graduates

It is no longer enough to just get good grades to get a great job after college. You also need to complete at least one internship along the way, ideally two or three. So what are the best internships for college graduates?

First of all, start with your major. Many employers will target their internships for college graduates based upon your major. While some internships are available for multiple majors, most internships target specific majors. How do you know? Go to the career center for your campus to find out which employers will be on campus interviewing students with your major.

Next, look at the longer term career trajectory of each internship being offered. Some internships for college graduates are only meant to provide temporary employment. However, the best internships are the ones that are essentially a three month interview. They try you out. You try the employer out. At the end of the internship, if you do well, you will be offered either an internship for the following summer (if you are going into your Sophomore or Junior year) or an entry level job after graduation (if you are going into your Senior year).

The best internships for college students/a> are the ones that align your major with your career aspirations to put you on a fast track to get started in your career after graduation.

Lastly, to answer the question as to whether internships are for undergraduates or college graduates. Internships are typically offered to undergraduates who are in the process of becoming a college graduate through their ongoing education. While most internships are offered during the summer months, there are also longer internships which can span a semester or even two. These longer internships during the semester are often referred to as cooperative education or coop and usually combine work with college credits. However, they are typically posted as internships. So while we refer to the internships for college students as being internships for college graduates, they are, in fact, typically offered to undergraduates during the summer after Freshman, Sophomore or Junior year of college. After the Senior year, they are typically referred to as entry level jobs (we have tens of thousands of these postings at as well).

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