Teacher Assistant Degree - Online and Campus Programs

Teacher Assistants Assist Teachers--and So Much More

Teacher assistants are the answer to overwhelmed teachers and students who need special attention. A teacher assistant certificate can put you in a great position to work in education and be the helping hand that shapes futures. Teacher assistant positions often utilize a combination of clerical and teaching skills; others work with special needs populations.

A Teaching Assistant Degree Prepares You for a Teaching Career

Almost 40 percent of teacher assistants work part time. Some states only require a high school diploma, but a postsecondary teacher assistant degree will take you farther and provide a better job outlook. In many Title 1 schools (low income), federal mandates require teacher assistants to have two-year degrees, and the job outlook is better for teacher assistants who have degrees. An associate teacher assistant degree is a two year degree that prepares you to assist a classroom teacher in instruction and supervision for special needs children, bilingual students and students with physical or emotional disabilities. Instruction includes
  • lesson preparation and delivery
  • communications
  • classroom supervision

Employment Outlook for Teaching Careers

As children with learning and physical disabilities become mainstreamed into public school--and as bilingual classes grow--teacher assistants become more in demand to give specialized attention to students in small groups. Teacher assistants can work in public education K through 12, or in preschools and child care centers or under the guidance of therapists with infants and toddlers with developmental disabilities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a favorable job outlook for teacher assistants with employment expected to grow by 10 percent between 2008 and 2018. The middle 50 percent of teacher assistants make between $17,610 and $28,180, with the highest 10 percent making nearly $34,000 a year.