Elementary School Teacher Degree - Online and Campus Programs

Elementary teachers are one of the most influential groups of people when it comes to inspiring young minds. At the elementary level, often educators are responsible for teaching a variety of subjects like math, science, reading, and writing. Each day teachers enter their classrooms and work hard to engage students with activities, assignments, and hands-on experiments they have prepared in advance. They are responsible for the instruction and assessment of each of their students based on the curriculum of the school. An elementary school teacher must be patient, creative, and flexible, and have an encouraging and understanding personality. Successful school teachers are innovative, enthusiastic, and effective at communicating with students as well as administrators, co-workers, and parents.

How to Prepare for a Career as an Elementary School Teacher

You must complete a bachelor's degree in elementary education and earn a license to work within a public school. Some private schools, however, allow those with a bachelor's degree in any area to teach. Typical courses you may be required to take while enrolled in a teacher preparation program include:
  • Psychology of Learning
  • Teaching Methods
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Core subject areas: Literature, Math, and Social Science
Teaching jobs are expected to grow by 13 percent between 2008 and 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics. In general, there are usually more teaching job openings in rural areas and inner cities compared to schools located in the suburbs. Salaries of teachers vary and are dependent upon where the school is located, as well as your experience and education. The median salary for an elementary teacher with a bachelor's degree was $49,330 in 2008.