Are You Really Ready to Negotiate?

Remember that you are not in a position to negotiate money (and/or any of the other attachments) until after the "sale" is made. So the information in this chapter should be utilized only if you are truly ready for salary negotiations.

How do you know when you are ready to negotiate? You are ready to negotiate when you have a "ready buyer." You are ready to negotiate when you hear anything from "We are ready to make the offer" to the formal letter offering you the job. Until that time, you are not yet ready to negotiate the "whats" of the offer. Until then, you are only negotiating the "ifs" of whether you will get the offer. It is always the best negotiating posture to wait until you have the actual job offer in hand. In writing, if possible. Get the offer first, then begin your negotiating.

To steadfastly put forth your "I am ready to consider your very best offer" response when the employer shows true interest at the end of the interviewing process should lead to the best possible initial offer from the company. I say "initial" because it is exactly that. Very few companies have offers that are "cut in stone"—even those that say they do. Often they will give in to many of the requested perks.