Final Job Offer Checklist

Have this job offer checklist ready and accessible for when the offer comes. If you don't, there may be important details you might miss.

But even if you don't have it ready when the offer is made verbally, you can always ask for it to be sent out in writing, then use this checklist to make sure that no detail has been missed.

P.S. Take note that this is a comprehensive list—every item does not necessarily apply to you or your specific offer.

Topic Area Their Response Potential Questions
Title (Is it what was expected? If not, why not?)
Team/Group/Dept (Is it where you expected to work? If not, why not?)
Location (Is it the expected location? If not, why not?)
Reporting To (Is it who was expected? If not, why not?)
Start Date Can we make it earlier? Later?
Base Salary Payable monthly? Semi-monthly? Bi-weekly? Arrears?
Bonus Is there any? Percentage? Tied to what specifically?
Commissions Are there any? Percentage? Tied to what specifically?
Signing Bonus Do they offer one? How much? Any conditions?
Profit Sharing What is the criteria? History of payments past 3-5 years?
Stock Options How are they determined? Time to vest?
ESOPs/ESPPs Percentage discount? Mark date?
General Benefits What is my contribution amount? Myself? Family?
Health PPO? HMO? Deductibles? Co-pays? Exclusions? Max?
Dental Deductibles? Co-pays? Orthodontics? Max?
Vision Care Exams? Glasses/contacts? Max?
Life Insurance Set amount? % of salary?
Accidental Death Coverage? Amount?
Business Travel Ins. Coverage? Amount?
Short-term Disability Period of time? Coverage?
Long-term Disability Period of time? Coverage?
Vacation Any flexibility in providing more? When does it increase?
Holidays How many? Can any be flexed?
Sick/Personal Days Covered? How many? Restrictions?
401(k) Company match % and max? Max contribution amount?
Pension Provide any type of pension? (most don't)
Tuition Reimbursement rules and %?
Training Other training provided? Who approves?
Health Clubs Coverage?
Dependent Care Coverage?
Maternity/Paternity Coverage?
Relocation What expenses are covered? Is there a cap?
Comp Time Any work hours/days flexibility?
Overtime Is there paid overtime? (usually not for salaried roles)
Performance Review When will my first performance review be?
Salary Review When will my first salary review be?
Promised Increases What % increases should I expect for the first 2-3 years?
Travel % overnight travel expected?
Laptop Will you be providing me with a laptop?
Mobile phone Will you be providing me with a mobile phone?
Mileage Expense Is business mileage paid? At what rate?
Transit Is a bus or public transit pass provided?
Parking Is parking paid for?
General Expenses Are all business-related expenses covered?
General Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Remember, the above checklist covers some items which may not apply to you. But you can use it as the starting point to make sure that all the bases are covered.

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