The Open and Available Technique

You have a major advantage in a phone interview that does not exist in a face-to-face interview. Namely, you cannot be seen. Use this to your advantage.

Have all of your materials on yourself and the employer open and available on your desk as you are speaking on the phone. This includes not only your resume, but also a cheat sheet of compelling story subjects you would like to introduce. It can also include a "cheat sheet" about the employer, including specific critical points describing the employer and their products.

As I am speaking with you on the other end of the phone, I have no idea that you are actually being prompted from a document as you are speaking. All I can hear is a well-informed, well-prepared interviewee. Keep in mind that this preparation is not "cheating" at all. It is interview preparation, pure and simple.

So have your materials open and available when you are preparing for your phone interview. They are there to support you and enhance your value to the employer, who will greatly respect your ability to answer questions with focus and meaningful content.