The Skype Interview Technique

With recent advances in technology, you now have another option for the cross-country interviews. If you cannot connect in person, connect via Skype over your computer or phone. You simply need a webcam and Skype installed on both sides. Or, if you know the other user is on Apple and you are as well, you can use Facetime.

If you schedule a Skype interview, familiarize yourself with your webcam and the Skype controls. You should get yourself ready prior to the interview and check out how you will appear on the screen. During the interview, do your best to focus on the camera, not the screen. Although it is difficult to maintain eye contact with a camera, do your best to keep your attention focused in that direction.

Video interviewing can connect you with employers when time, distance, or travel expense are barriers to setting up an interview. It may be the needed final step to give both sides the comfort necessary to make the next-level commitment: either bringing you in for the face-to-face interview, or possibly even an immediate offer.

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