The Networking Business Card Technique

One of the difficulties in making introductions at the entry level is that you lack the standard "business card introduction" that most businesspeople rely upon. However, there is a valid alternative for the entry level job seeker—the Networking Business Card.

Business cards provide you with an assumed level of rank and status in the world of work.

Before attending job fairs or professional association meetings, you may want to develop your own personal Networking Business Card. You will have ready information to hand out to any contact at any time when making an introduction. Networking Business Cards are different from standard business cards in that they provide information about you independent of a particular employer. They are ideally suited for the entry level.

A Networking Business Card gives you a distinct competitive edge in the entry level job market. Why? Because virtually none of the other grads have a business card yet. Why would they? We usually receive our first business card along with our first professional job. But as you will see, the Networking Business Card can be vitally important in your search for that first job.

Have your information printed in the standard business card size (3½" wide by 2" high), but with the following "kicker" format:

Your name

Description of your target career interest

Home street address
City, state, zip
E-mail address
Phone number

The "kicker" is the second line, which can provide descriptive information, such as "Java Developer" or specific job search information such as "Seeking Retail Management Position" or other "Seeking…" information. This line replaces the standard title line on most business cards, and stands out in the eyes of the receiver.

You can develop this card format using a business card template with most major word processors (such as Microsoft Word). Avery sells business card forms which work with most laser printers. You can also have them printed for you at Kinko's (they can set it up for you) or any other print shop.