The Mini-Resume Card Technique

The Mini-Resume Card is similar to the Networking Business Card in that it is contained within a standard business card size using the same format on the front (name, "kicker", home address, city, state, zip, and phone numbers). But the back side of the card becomes a "mini-resume" in that it provides a summary of the high points of your resume. It is comparable to the Summary section of the resume. Don't feel you have to be comprehensive—this is just a "hook" to get a potential employer interested. It takes more effort than a one-sided business card, but the impact is worth it.

Networking Business Cards and Mini-Resume Cards will get you noticed, and they have an additional advantage in that they are often filed differently from other job search materials. While resumes often get locked away in the "candidate vault" and may never again see the light of day, business cards are often placed in Rolodexes or business card folders, or are even entered into contact databases. Their uniqueness is part of their appeal. Once you have them, you will wonder how you ever marketed yourself without them!