The E-mail Signature Technique

Another easy and simple way to "get the word out" on your job search is to modify your standard e-mail signature to include your "Seeking…" information. Since it's e-mail and not restricted by the physical constraints you might have with a business card, you can be very specific, including job type, industry and geography.

Most e-mail programs allow you to set a standard signature to your e-mails which is automatically inserted or appended to the end of your e-mail. It saves you time, since you don't have to enter your personal information each time.

Most people just put in their name and possibly their e-mail address in the signature. However, this signature space offers an excellent opportunity for adding additional exposure for your job search.

You can add (or modify) your e-mail signature by following the instructions for your e-mail program. In Microsoft Outlook, click Tools, then Options, then the Mail Format tab. At the bottom, you have an option for adding a signature for new messages and for replies and forwards. Click on "Signatures" to setup a new signature or edit an old one.

With Hotmail, click on Options, then click Email Signature under Layout. You can then enter your signature.

For Gmail users, click Settings and you will find signature options in the General tab.

Here is a sample signature to show you what one would look like:

Tracy Graduate
Accounting Major, Graduating May 20xx, Illinois State University
Seeking Auditor position in the public accounting field in the Chicago area.
Please send any and all job leads to my attention!

The last line is your "impassioned plea" to help others understand your call to action.