The Voicemail Resume Technique

If you have the Audio Resume Technique mastered, you may want to place the information on commercial voicemail for playback on demand. Simply rent a voicemail number which will allow you to have a lengthy outgoing message, and record your two- or three- or five-minute introduction to you. Then publicize your voicemail resume via either e-mail or a simple postcard mailing to select companies (you can send it to as many as forty companies for under $20), which provides them with a number to call to learn more about you and your background.

Be careful to avoid the appearance that you are selling any product other than you. Make it clear that you are providing the employer with your audio resume. Many will react positively, since they are able to hear your voice and learn more about you without making the time commitment to talk to you directly. And it is unique. So it will catch the employers attention, which is what makes it effective.