Sample Entry Level Cover Letter

456 College Hall
Normal, IL 67890

February 16, 20XX

Ms. Jane Doe
Big Public Accounting, Inc.
123 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 12345

Ms. Doe:

I was referred to you by Mr. Dave Zbecki, a Partner with your New York office, who informed me that the Chicago office of Big Public Accounting is actively seeking to hire quality individuals for your Auditor Development Program.

I have more than two years of hands-on accounting experience, including interning as an Auditor last year with the New York City office of EY. I will be receiving my BBA this May from Illinois State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. I am confident that my combination of practical work experience and solid educational experience has prepared me for making an immediate contribution to Big Public Accounting. Having interned with a leading firm in the public accounting field, I understand the level of professionalism and communication required for long-term success in the field. My background and professional approach to business will provide your office with a highly productive Auditor upon completion of your Development Program.

I will be in the Chicago area the week of March 16. Please call me at 217-555-3456 to arrange a convenient time when we may meet to further discuss my background in relation to your needs. If I have not heard from you by March 9, I will contact your office to inquire as to a potential meeting date and time. I look forward to meeting you then.


Kelly R. Jones

Kelly R. Jones

This type of cover letter will pay back far greater returns than the simple "introduction to me" letter that most people use. Remember that a successful cover letter is a marketing tool used to move your customer one step closer to buying your product. Customers do not buy features, they buy benefits. So make sure you drive home your benefit to the customer!

And keep in mind that many employers look to the cover letter as an example of your written communication skills. Resumes are often written and proofread by others, but cover letters are typically not proofed. Make certain your cover letter is spell-checked, grammar-checked, and proofread by someone other than yourself.

I realize that no matter how many times or ways I say it, people will copy this example cover letter almost verbatim. If you do, you will be spotted as having used a canned letter. Take the time to do it right.

The Worst Use of an Entry Level Cover Letter

Now that we have covered the basics of how to write a proper cover letter, please do not fall into the trap of using your resume and cover letter as a crutch—"I have this great cover letter and resume. Now all I need to do is submit it to fifty (or one hundred or two hundred) different employers and sit back and wait for things to happen." This is the wrong use of an entry level cover letter. Your cover letter should only be used in directed marketing, not in blanket coverage marketing. Take the time to use it right.

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