How to Find Jobs After College

You’ve invested 16 years of your life in schooling (or more if you count kindergarten and/or nursery school) and now you are getting ready to get started with your life after college. Finding the right job after college will be critical for putting you on the pathway to career success.

The first step is career exploration and career selection. You need to choose a career which provides a large number of jobs after college that are consistent with both your education and who you are personally and individually. If you have not already done so, take career testing at the career center at your college or university. They can assist you with testing your interests, aptitudes, personality and values. Then a professional career counselor can assist you in exploring and deciding on careers that are the best for you after college.

The next step will be the initial prep for your resume. Not the actual document, but developing your content. You generate content through your classes and your work during college. This is why an internship is a key element to helping you find jobs after college. If you are still an undergrad, focus on finding an internship (or two or three internships are even better) to help build out your experience to prepare you for finding work in your field.

Then, yes, you really do need a resume. Not only for your internship after college semesters, but also for entry level jobs after college. Your resume should be a reflection of who you are in a professional format that works well both in print and digitally. You can quickly develop your resume here at using our Quickstart Resume Generator.

As you enter your Senior year, it will finally be time to put it all together with interviewing for the right job after college graduation. Attend the employer information sessions. Go to the job fairs. Do the on-campus interviewing. But also be ready to search beyond your campus for employers who are not necessarily coming to your campus, but also offer jobs after college. How? By searching the entry level jobs and internships at, which include tens of thousands of entry level jobs and internships nationwide.

You can search for jobs after college here:

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We are here to help you make your job search a success and wish you all the best!