Generating Job Offers

Once the thank you note has been sent, your role in the job search is to work toward an offer. By staying in close contact (at least once a week) with your primary company contact, you will be continually aware of the process. And the contact will be continually aware of your ongoing interest.

Always make sure you know the next step in the process. How? By asking directly.

"I am very interested. What is the next step?"

If you are straightforward and direct, the contact will keep you posted as to your progress. If you are no longer under consideration, you will be informed. If there are further interviews pending or your background is being reviewed by others, you will be informed. If the company is getting ready to put together an offer, you will be informed. Stay close to your contact and be ready to act on a moment's notice.

The Number One Statement To Generate The Job Offer

So what is the very best statement you can make to generate the job offer? Simple. Ask for the job:

"I feel my background and experience are a great fit for this position and I am very interested. I am ready to consider your best offer!"

Want to make it an ever stronger statement? Replace the statement "I am ready to consider your best offer" with a statement and a question:

"I would very much like to work here. When can I start?"

Asking for the job directly may sound a little bold, but remember: it is far and away the number one way to generate a job offer. It has been proven again and again that by asking for the job, you will greatly increase your odds of receiving a job offer.

The prerequisites to this approach are threefold:

  1. You have already sold them on you as a candidate.
  2. They have already sold you on working for them (and hopefully it shows in your passion and enthusiasm for the job).
  3. You are talking to the person who makes the hiring decision.

Okay, hold on, you might be saying. I can see having the first two, but how do I know who makes the hiring decision? Just ask. "Who will be making the hiring decision for this position?" When? Ask when it becomes clear that they have an interest in you and you have an interest in them. If you haven't asked by the end of your interview, include it in your "Do you have any questions for us?" candidate questions. You can ask HR, ask the managers, ask a peer level. They all know the answer and most will be more than willing to tell you. You just need to ask.

Then reconnect with that person and tell them you want the job. Make life easy for everyone. If they are sitting on the fence, this may bring them over to your side.

This is not the time to be shy. If you want to get married, you must eventually pop the question! If you are ready for the offer, ask for it. Do not wait for them to ask you. The advice on this website is about breaking the standard rules in a positive way. And this is one of the best ways to break the rules and generate a job offer.

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