Tough Interview Question - How do you decide which employers and positions to pursue and interview?

How do you decide which employers and positions to pursue and interview?

Similar interview questions:
What is your selection criteria for the type of roles you are considering?
What are you looking for in an employer?
What jobs are within your scope of being willing and able to perform?
Is there anything with this role which you’re not interested in doing?

Why the interviewer is asking this question:
Although this question may give an indication of initial employer interest, it is not necessarily the case. The interviewer is looking for what is in and what is out for you in your job search. Specifically, what employers would you consider vs. not consider (and why on both) and what roles would you consider/not consider (and why on both).

The best approach to answering this question:
Discuss first in general what type of employer(s) and what type of position(s) you are considering. Answer in terms of career growth and advancement. Then turn the question into a specific response on how you perceive this employer and this position to be a good fit for what you are seeking. If the question is asked early in the process and you do not yet have enough information to make this qualification statement, you can turn around your selection criteria back to the employer in terms of a question to see if they feel there is a good fit in matching up against your stated needs.

An example of how to best answer this question for experienced candidates:
"I’m seeking an employer who can offer me opportunities to grow and advance beyond my current role. Although I like my current employer and current role, the opportunities to advance beyond this role are limited due to an internal hiring freeze. So for me to consider whether to make an external move, I’m evaluating whether not only the role being offered will help me advance in my career, but also if there are opportunities for advancement in the future…"

An example of how to best answer this question for entry level candidates:
"I’m looking for a growth-oriented employer who provides opportunities for learning and advancement. I don’t want to have to make an external move to advance in my career. So the initial role is very important, yet it’s also important for me to understand the potential for internal advancement as I continue to grow and expand my skill set…"

An example of how you should not answer this question:
"I’m mainly looking for health insurance coverage. I don’t have health insurance right now with my current job, so I have to pay for it out of pocket. So getting a job with an employer who offers health insurance is the number one thing for me. Do you offer health insurance?"

Remember to answer each interview question behaviorally, whether it is a behavioral question or not. The easiest way to do this is to use an example from your background and experience. Then use the S-T-A-R approach to make the answer a STAR: talk about a Situation or Task (S-T), the Action you took (A) and the Results achieved (R). This is what makes your interview answer uniquely yours and will make your answer a star!

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