Student Success Stories

Following are success stories from college students and recent grads:

I must tell you that although there are ENDLESS numbers of sites that appear similar to yours, blows them all out of the water. No comparison.
- Jennifer Lilly, Huntsville, Alabama

By far the best job search site for college grads. The details are what set it apart. It has given me insight as to how to approach the coming job search. THANK YOU!
- Kevin Smith, Buffalo, New York

I wanted to let you know of the profound impact had upon my post-college graduation job search. Originally, my job search had been a struggle for a variety of reasons. After reading the information at your site, I not only found the inspiration to start looking for jobs skillfully, but also had a variety of ingenious tactics to employ while hunting. The infinite phone call tactics you exposed worked perfectly, and often got me through to important people who were looking to hire. In the end, I graduated from the University of Michigan with a job at a consulting firm already secured. Thank you for your site full of wonderful ideas. I have told all of my friends about Everybody loves it!
- Greg Ekker, Sharon, Pennsylvania

I followed the information at almost exclusively, and I have eight interviews in the works (some are second interviews). One company said they called me in because it was the best resume and cover letter he had seen in ten years. Thanks a million!
- Dan Roberts, Boston, Massachusetts

An amazing site. I learned a lot of techniques on how to find an entry level job. These techniques are easy to learn, but difficult to find on my own. I love this site!
- Hua Shuxin, San Francisco, California

By far the best site on job hunting!!!
- Patrick Kokorian, Coral Gables, Florida made the difference in getting my job offer. Because of your techniques, I stayed in touch with the company I really wanted to work for. And it turns out that the guy they originally wanted declined the offer. So I received an offer and accepted. I just wanted to thank you for the inspiring site, because I would have given up if it wasn't for the information at your site.
- Kendrick Glenn, Bedford Heights, Ohio

Absolutely excellent. What I have read has opened my eyes. I have a new sense of confidence in myself. I believe now that I have the ability to find the "perfect" job.
- Ryan Redfield, Lexington, Kentucky

The best source of useful information available to recent grads, bar none.
- Jonas Salganik, Brooklyn, New York

A very valuable tool that should be given to every college student when they step onto the college campus. I wish I would have discovered this tool 4 years ago! Thank you for the knowledge!
- Kristina Dixon, University of California-Berkeley graduate, Alta Loma, California

Without your detailed explanations and suggestions on how to prepare for interviews, I would still be searching for my first real job. I was turned down 3 times by companies where I was qualified to do the job. I was at the point of giving up. You don't know how happy I was to find your site. You have given me the opportunity of a lifetime to work for Hewlett Packard. Without this book, I would probably have been eaten alive by the five person interview. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!
- Mark Pham, Milpitas, California

Several tactics made a huge difference in my job search. I finally got a job at a CBS affiliate. So thanks to your help, I can continue my life after college.
- Mark Yost, Greenville, South Carolina

When I graduated, I did not have a job lined up. I spent about a month looking before my mother stumbled upon your site and told me about it. Within a month, using your techniques, I secured six interviews that resulted in two job offers (and I had to cancel three of the remaining six). The techniques presented for interviewing really gave me a lot of confidence. Thanks again.
- Mario Napoli, Clinical Programmer Analyst, Agouron Pharmaceuticals

Thank you very much for your great site. It is full of wisdom and good spirit. Because of your site, I had a thorough presentation for my accounting entry level job hunting. Last week I got a job offer from Ernst & Young. I am very happy. Your book helped me get ahead of most of my classmates.
- Vivian Liu, Jackson Heights, New York

Awesome! In fact, I would say life altering! Thank you!
- Maureen O'Brien, Glendale, Arizona

Career Center and Professor Quotes:

Just a quick note to express my "Wow!" about your site. I teach business communication at the University of Toledo and I was amazed at the incredible resources you have to offer. I have already recommended that all my students read the material at your site. Your advice is so practical and I appreciate your "tell it like it is" approach. Keep up the great advice!
- Kirsten Lee, Assistant Professor, University of Toledo

Excellent. This site embodies the same philosophies that we try to communicate to our students.
- Debbie Garrick, Career Services, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina

This site is an essential, practical job searching resource for all college students and their counselors. It provides the visitor with comprehensive, innovative and successful job search techniques that are on the cutting edge for the new millennium. This site is still the best I have seen on job market skills.
- Karen Ham, Director of Career Planning, SUNY Potsdam, Potsdam, New York

I would like to commend you and your staff for producing such a worthwhile site pertaining to job search techniques for college students. As a professional, I found the material to be extremely useful. Please continue your great works and thank you for sharing your information so graciously with all job seekers.
- Manzeta Jackson, Ph.D., Director, Counseling and Career Services, Ursuline College, Pepper Pike, Ohio

This site is terrific. It reinforces many things I tell students.
- Professor Richard Putnam, SUNY Westchester Community College, Valhalla, New York

This is an excellent site for college students of all classifications. I will definitely recommend it!
- Bubba Fender, Director, Career Services, Arkansas Tech University

I enjoyed reviewing your site! You're down to earth, get to the point manner is refreshing for our college Seniors.
- Gail Clark, Director of Career Services, Siena Heights College, Adrian, Michigan

We have a link and we use your information in all of our PSY Job Seeking Skills Classes and my senior Hospitality Management Classes. It is great and I appreciate having a site college students can identify with.
- Rusty Anderson, Director, Career Planning and Placement, University of Southern Mississippi

Our office just loves your site and today I added your logo on our home page for our career center. It is a wonderful site that I refer our students to constantly.
- Marie Harris, Career Advisor, University of Wisconsin at Superior

Thanks for your support and the service you provide our center, as well as our students. I appreciate the collaboration. We have been linked to you for years and hope to continue for many more.
- Neal W. Vickers, Ed.D., Associate Dean / Director, Career Services Center Arkansas State University

Thanks very much for maintaining a strong partnership with college career centers. I really appreciate it.
- Albert Harrison, Director, Internship and Career Center, University of California, Davis

As always, your site is linked from ours. Keep up the good work!
- Mark Reed, Career Counselor, California State University, Hayward

We do have you linked on our webpage as a resource for our students. I think it is an excellent tool for our students.
- Marion Hill, Director, Career Services, Dallas Baptist University

Bottom line: if you have jobs to fill, we have the grads. In fact, they are actively searching our site right now, while you are reading this--make sure your job is posted here for them to find!

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