Students Say College Is Worth It

Majority of college students view it as a worthy investment, although some question its value

MILWAUKEE, WI--September 12,, the #1 entry level job site, today released its survey results on whether college students and recent grads think college is really worth the time, effort and money.

A majority of respondents are fully in favor of the value of the college experience, with 62% saying that college is worth the investment.

"College is about making the most of the opportunity," said Brian Krueger, President of "Students who are willing to put in the time and hard work will find doors open to them after graduation that would not otherwise be there. The entry level jobs they are seeking require a college degree for consideration, so it is needed to take the first step on the career ladder."

But in addition to just learning job skills, college has become about honing life skills and learning to balance academics with rigorous work and extracurricular schedules.

As Jason Gorsuch, a college Senior points out, "'The college experience is based on internships, study abroad, networking opportunities, making lifelong friends, and pretty much everything done outside the confines of the classroom that makes it the best four years of one's life!"

Krueger agrees. "There is more to college than simply passing the next exam. The benefits of a college education will remain with a person for their entire life. In the end, the commitment is truly worth it."

With college costs rising, academic competition growing, and the entry level job market more intense than ever, it's also no surprise that some students have doubts about whether college is really for them.

Krueger commented: "Is it possible to waste the college investment? Yes. But that's the reason why you need to be fully committed to make the most of your investment. In the end, it is your investment of time, money and your passion for learning and growth. And it is that passion which will carry you forward in your career."

Following are the overall survey results:

Is college really worth the time, effort and money?

  • Yes Its a big investment, but it pays off in the long run - 43%
  • Yes its the only way to get a job doing what I want to do - 19%
  • No I probably would have earned a better return by going to work and banking the college funds - 22%
  • No The time and money have been completely wasted - 16%

The survey was conducted nationally using an online poll placed on the home page between June and August, 2005. The results are based on more than 1,000 respondents.

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