Names Top 25 Cities for Entry Level Job Seekers

Top 25 Cities Account For More Than 34,000 Entry Level Positions for College Grads

MILWAUKEE, WI--(HR Marketer)--March 28, 2007--As the class of 2007 finalizes their post-graduation plans,, the #1 Entry Level Job Site, announces the Top 25 cities for entry level job openings. The list represents more than 34,000 jobs for entry level job seekers. The list is available online at and includes links to job postings for each city.

New York and Los Angeles top the list for cities with the most entry level job openings. Houston, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, PA round out the Top 5. New York, the largest city on the list, accounts for about 3,300 entry level jobs, while Los Angeles accounts for about 2,800 jobs. Miami, Chicago, Tampa, Dallas and St. Louis round out the top ten, all with more than 1,600 entry level jobs.

"I always recommend that entry level job seekers take note of cities with hot job markets and remain open to relocation to those areas," said Brian Krueger, President of "Being willing to relocate can open up significant opportunities that may not be available in their local area."

Entry level job seekers are consistently answering that call. In annual surveys, has typically found that more than 90% of college grad job seekers are willing to relocate.

But before taking the leap, Krueger advises considering additional factors. "Understanding the local cost of living is an important consideration when deciding to relocate," said Krueger. "It can be particularly useful in salary negotiations, when comparing similar jobs in different cities."

To help in determining local living costs, offers an online Cost-of-Living Wizard tool to help job seekers compare the cost of living and salaries for different cities.

The cost-of-living tool is available at:

Krueger also recommends that job seekers research the population density, climate, traffic, local taxes and the city's overall culture. "This is where you're going to live and work," said Krueger, "so take the time to find out all you can about your new potential home before making commitments."

The Top 25 cities list was generated based on the number of entry level jobs currently posted at It is located at:

...and includes links to jobs in each of the cities listed.

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The Top 25 cities list was generated based on the number of entry level jobs currently posted at

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