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In the most competitive job market we've seen in 20 years, it is critical for Enterprise to continue to strengthen our relationships on the campuses where we recruit, said Enterprise Holdings' Vice President of Talent Acquisition Marie Artim. Our decentralized talent acquisition approach allows our team of more than 200 recruiters to build deep and long-lasting partnerships at more than 800 campuses. Since we put our employees in a position to succeed and remain committed to promoting from within, we continue to need to hire thousands of college graduates into our Management Training program each year.

Marie Artim, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Enterprise Holdings

The entry level market for new associates at KPMG continues to remain strong and our candidate profile is expanding to meet our clients' ever-changing needs, says James Powell, partner in charge of Campus Recruiting and University Relations for KPMG. In addition to hiring accounting majors, we are also focusing on engineering, information systems and informatics, computer science and data analytics majors as today's business environment calls for this expertise.

James Powell, Campus Recruiting and University Relations, KPMG

At Revature we will again increase the number of entry level technology hires we expect in 2019 due to continued client demand. Our focus will be on finding top talent from all areas of the country in order to meet high client demand. We have also begun targeting STEM related degrees in addition to Technology graduates to increase our overall pool of available talent.

Our top challenge is finding Entry Level talent that is open to relocation. As a software consulting company we need talent that is mobile and willing to work on projects for our clients across the country. Candidates that limit themselves to only local jobs are missing out of great opportunities to work on projects that make a difference.

As we look toward 2019, competition for entry level talent has become nothing short of a "war for talent", with top companies heavily investing in marketing, recruiting, benefits, and training to attract and retain entry level talent. Given our position as the top provider of emerging talent in the tech sector we see the challenges large companies face and expect even more strain on mid to small sized companies trying to find talent.

Joe Vacca, Chief Marketing Officer, Revature

We have a long-standing history and shared company philosophy to invest in our new graduate and intern hires. In fact, most of our leadership today started as interns or right after graduating college, says Lauren Bertram, Recruitment Manager, Burns & McDonnell. The best part about recruiting on college campuses today is that this generation of talent values entrepreneurship and impactful work at the top of their desired traits in a future employer. Instead of being afraid of this attitude, our company has embraced it and become stronger because of it.

Lauren Bertram, Recruitment Manager, Burns & McDonnell

Finding talent is a challenge in this competitive market, so we know we need to be better than the rest. Many of our employees have described our culture as "second to none," and our goal is to continually grow that feeling. We're constantly listening to what our employees are saying and looking for unique ways to meet those needs. We offer perks that fit different employee lifestyles, from our softball league (where our executives get in on the fun) to our annual Echo Awards Party, making our work culture truly "second to none"!

Right now, the third-party logistics space is the fastest-growing segment in transportation. 2018 saw our highest number of internal career moves ever! This type of growth is a great attraction for anyone interested in our space. Echo offers exciting perks such as uncapped earnings potential within our sales teams and opportunities for growth throughout the company. All our departments are part of this growth movement, including technology, account management, and sales. New team members will be a vital part of Echo's growth in 2019!

Paula Frey, Chief Human Resource Officer, Echo Global Logistics

It's no secret that the labor market is extremely tight, and every company is working hard to recruit and retain top talent, said Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Network. In order to attract entry-level candidates, we focus on promoting our culture, which is centered around training and development, career growth opportunities and recognizing our employees for their hard work.

Tom Gimbel, Founder & CEO, LaSalle Network

The biggest challenge is the continued demand for entry level talent in the environmental sector. We are proactively attempting to address this issue by extending offers earlier on in the recruitment process, and leveraging our internship program to serve as a feeder for our full time hires. In our Water group, for example, we have converted almost all of our available interns into full-time roles. Partnering with affinity groups and student organizations that can feed the pipeline has also proven to be instrumental in our efforts. We do the campus recruiting as well, but we cannot depend exclusively on this source to provide all of the talent we need to support our entry level talent needs.

Adam Gersh, Talent Acquisition Leader, Arcadis

It's a really good time to be a post-grad-job-seeking college student graduating in 2019! ALKU started the new year with 5 brand-new full-time positions in addition to continuously growing sales teams - and we're just one of the millions of employers that look to attract entry-level candidates. There's no doubt that entering the workforce can be intimidating and overwhelming. On top of that, more times than not, an entry-level hire starting at ALKU does not have much familiarity or experience with this crazy & exciting thing we call staffing  ☺   The company's dedication to the development of the employees will continue to solidify ALKU as a force to be reckoned with in 2019 (and beyond!). ALKU is a place where entry-level job-seekers are hired based on character traits and fostered by clear expectations and positive reinforcement.

Marissa Gomes, Internal Recruiting Manager, ALKU