Google Remains Entry-Level Technology Employer of Choice

In a new poll conducted by, the leading entry-level job site on the Web, 46 percent of entry-level job seekers made Google their top choice for technology employers.

FOSTER CITY, CA -- March 3, 2009 --, the #1 entry-level job site, recently released its poll results revealing Google as the top choice technology employer among entry-level job seekers.

According to poll data collected over a three-month period, Google remains the most highly sought-after technology employer by college grad job seekers. The Web juggernaut received 46 percent of the votes, Apple came in second with 26 percent and software giant Microsoft third with 12 percent.

"Given the current economic downturn, entry-level job seekers view Google as a company large enough to hire many college grads and stable enough to weather the recession," said Adeola Ogunwole, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for "Google's market dominance and excellent benefits are a magnet for recent graduates."

In addition to stability, Ogunwole believes that companies renown for innovation and "being cool" attract college grads more than others. "Like Google, Apple and Facebook have also benefited from these perceptions, whereas Microsoft and Yahoo! continue to fall short. We shall see which hot Web 2.0 company makes an impact on entry-level hiring patterns next."

For the fourth year in a row, Google has topped Microsoft as the technology employer of choice among entry-level job seekers. The full results of the poll are listed below:

Who would you rather work for?

  • Google - 46%
  • Apple - 26%
  • Microsoft - 12%
  • Facebook - 9%
  • Amazon - 4%
  • Yahoo! - 3%

The survey was conducted nationally using an online poll placed on the home page from December, 2008 through February, 2009. The results are based on more than 5,200 respondents.

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