Job-hunting College Grads: Clean Up Your Social Networking Profiles and Take Charge of Your Online Image

FOSTER CITY, CA--September 13, 2009--Only 37 percent of job-hunting college graduates have changed their social network content or profiles on sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, according to a recent survey. As more employers turn to online resources for not only recruitment but background checks as well, it's critical for job seekers to be mindful of how they are presenting themselves online.

"If your social networking profile makes you look like an employment risk, you can lose a job before you even get your foot in the door," says Director of Marketing and PR Adeola Ogunwole. Potential employers are increasingly checking out applicants on social networking sites. If yours contains embarrassing photos, detailed descriptions of alcohol or drug use or illegal activities, or criticism of current or former bosses and coworkers, it could cost you a job.

"The good news," says Ogunwole, "is that people with positive online images have found jobs on social networking sites, too." Clean up your online image by following these three steps:

  • Adjust the privacy settings on your social networking sites so that people who aren't your official "friends" on that site can't see your information.
  • To eliminate embarrassing results when your potential boss Googles you (and chances are that he or she will), stop and think before posting anything anywhere. Ask yourself, "Will this help me or hurt me?" And Google yourself; you may be surprised what shows up.
  • Take advantage of social networking's inherent strengths by building a positive online image and forming helpful career-related online friendships. Every person in your network has a network, too, and may be able to help you find your dream job. ran a poll on their home page asking recent graduates, "Have you changed your content at MySpace or Facebook because of your job search?" Respondents answered:

  • Yes--37 percent
  • No--36 percent
  • No, but I plan to--8 percent
  • I don't have a MySpace or Facebook page--19 percent

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