Relocation Gives Entry Level Job Seekers A Competitive Edge

91% of College Grad Job Seekers Willing to Relocate For Job Opportunities

MILWAUKEE, WI--June 7, 2006--In a recent survey,, the #1 entry level job site found that 91% of college grad job seekers are willing to relocate for job opportunities. While down slightly from last year's 94%, the current willingness to relocate continues to reflect a very mobile college grad culture.

"The flexibility that we're seeing among entry level job seekers is a definite competitive edge in their job search." said Brian Krueger, president of "It speaks not only to increased opportunities, but also to a job seeker's adaptability in an ever changing work environment. Employers may or may not offer a relocation package for entry level positions. But if job seekers are willing to foot the bill for their own relocation, they greatly broaden the number of opportunities available to them."

Of those respondents willing to relocate, 27% would be willing to relocate within their local or statewide area, 38% would relocate nationally and 35% would even be willing to relocate internationally.

"These trends indicate a strong willingness by job seekers to go wherever the need is located to land that first job," says Krueger. "But a determined job search using proven strategies is still key to job search success."

A great place to start is, which lists the five cities with the most entry level positions as New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Together, they are currently posting more than 25,000 job openings. All locations can be accessed by searching at - Jobs, where all job postings are visible by student and graduates of all colleges.

Following are the overall survey results:

Are you willing to relocate for the right opportunity?

  • Yes, within the country 34.4%
  • Yes, internationally - 31.5%
  • Yes, within the local area 14.0%
  • Yes, within the state 11.1%
  • No 8.8%

The survey was conducted nationally using an online poll placed on the home page during May 2006. The results are based on approximately 1,500 respondents.

About is the #1 entry level job site on the Internet and is the leader in the field of entry level job search. Brian Krueger is President and Founder of and author of the best-selling book for entry level job search, College Grad Job Hunter.

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