College Grads Most Interested In Finding a Job in Their Major

Finding the right type of job is viewed as more important than salary for college grad job seekers.

Milwaukee, WI--August 31,, the #1 entry level job site, today released its survey results on what is most important to college grad job seekers when choosing their first job.

The largest percentage of respondents said that finding a job in their major is the most important consideration when deciding which job offer to accept. This places finding the right the type of job well ahead of other considerations, including salary and location.

"Job seekers really want to put their college degree to good use," said Brian Krueger, President of "Doing meaningful work in their chosen field of interest is the most important factor for initial job satisfaction."

College students often spend a great deal of time and effort deciding on their college degree, including sometimes switching majors multiple times, or dedicating their first two years of college testing out their likes and dislikes, finally finding the best fit for their skills and personal strengths.

Once a student has declared the major that they will graduate with, its usually something they have a vested interest in, to which they want to devote their initial career investment.

"While a college degree isnt the end all for the comprehensive knowledge required in any work environment, it does provide the entry level training and a working knowledge of the industry," says Krueger. "Its invaluable to have that training and preparation provided by the degree that matches your target job."

The survey was conducted nationally by between May and August, 2005. The results are based on more than 1200 respondents.

Following are the overall survey results:

What's most important to you when choosing your first job?

  • Finding a job in my major - 34.2%
  • A high salary - 26.6%
  • Location - 14.6%
  • Making a difference - 12.7%
  • Company culture - 11.9%

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