Internships Key to Early Job Search Success

Students are willing to accept a low paying internship in return for quality resume experience

MILWAUKEE, WI--May 12, 2005--87% of college students or recent grads would be willing to accept a summer internship at lower pay than other jobs in order to gain resume experience, according to a recent survey by, the #1 entry level job site.

With the increasingly competitive job market, students are searching for every edge to land that first job. Internship experience can be that edge. "Students should think of internships as an investment in their career future," said Brian Krueger, President of "Not only can internships provide students with recognized work experience in their field, but a successful internship can be the ticket to locking down a job offer early in the final year of college."

The results of this survey show that entry level job seekers are willing to make that investment. Students may find it unnerving to put financial ease on hold. But successfully completing internships while working hard to make ends meet picking up a second job, if needed, can pay off large dividends for the future.

Many employers are looking for some type of real-world experience among their college recruits. But students ask, "Where do I get that experience if no one is willing to hire me?"

"Internships can be the single best differentiator in achieving job search success," says Krueger. "If you were a good employee, the opportunity often exists to work for the company you interned with."

But if the job seeker would prefer employment elsewhere, internships can also be a great negotiating chip. Krueger explains, "If there is an offer to return full-time after graduation, it will intensify the competition for you as a prospective employee. That will provide students with an offer in the bank which can only be beaten by better offers."

"It's never too early to start interning."

Following are the overall survey results:

Would you be willing to accept an internship this summer at a lower pay than other jobs in order to gain resume experience?

  • Yes, I need the experience to build my resume 57%
  • Yes, but I would pick up a second job to make ends meet 30%
  • No, I would go for the highest paying job I could find 8%
  • No, I don't need an internship 5%

The survey was conducted nationally using an online poll placed on the home page during April, 2005. The results are based on more than 1,000 respondents.

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