Google Named Entry Level Technology Employer of Choice by

College grad job seekers prefer Google as their employer of choice over Microsoft, Yahoo and IBM

MILWAUKEE, WI--November 7,, the #1 entry level job site, today released its survey results naming Google as the first choice technology employer among entry level job seekers. Respondents selected Google as their first choice over Microsoft, Yahoo or IBM.

As the largest software firm in the world, Microsoft has long had an edge in recruiting top entry level talent. IBM has also been a long-time player in the technology sector. However, as the popularity of innovative Web technology companies such as Google and Yahoo has grown, so too has their ability to attract talent away from Microsoft and IBM.

"We are witnessing a profound change in employer preference among college students as Google establishes itself not only as a market leader, but as an employment leader," said Brian Krueger, president of "Even as Google hires away some of the top technical talent from Microsoft, the same trend is also carrying through to the entry level job market."

In the technology world where Google has become a verb and innovation is the goal, world-class skills are in high demand. Entry level job seekers are rising to the challenge as they vie for the opportunity to add their ideas to the mix. In addition to a creative, small-teams work environment, Google is known for offering increasingly novel benefits to its employees.

"When a company provides a fun and inspiring work environment and combines that with great benefits, they set themselves apart not only as an industry leader, but as a world leader," says Krueger. "Intelligent and creative talent will be drawn to this type of environment. Google is the magnet for top entry level talent in the technology field."

Following are the overall survey results:

Who would you rather work for?

  • Google - 43%
  • Microsoft - 24%
  • Yahoo - 22%
  • IBM - 11%

The survey was conducted nationally using an online poll placed on the home page during October, 2005. The results are based on more than 1,700 respondents.

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