Entry Level Job Seekers Value Employer Ethics

Few college grad job seekers are willing to work for an employer with questionable ethics

MILWAUKEE, WI--August 9, 2005--CollegeGrad.com, the #1 entry level job site, today released its survey results on whether college grad job seekers would be willing to work for an employer with questionable ethics.

Among respondents, 75% would not even consider working for an employer with questionable ethics. And of the 25% who would consider it, 64% say they would not personally do anything unethical, even if asked.

"It's refreshing to see entry level job seekers considering the question of business ethics," said Brian Krueger, President of CollegeGrad.com. "It shows that the majority of college students and recent graduates are truly concerned about doing what's right."

In addition to some of the traditional business ethics questions associated with truth of advertising, discrimination, bribery, negotiation techniques and political contributions, the series of financial scandals surrounding several corporate giants over the past few years has brought a whole new set of ethical concerns.

"Job seekers want assurance that their employer isn't going to violate that sense of ethical trust," says Krueger. "They want to know that their retirement plans and company stock will remain viable and that the money they set aside for the future will be there when needed." Ethical employers can help provide that peace of mind.

But Patricia Navadomskis, graduate of Trinity Christian College, points out that it can be difficult to know whether or not a company is ethical until you already work for them. And with such a high level of competition for open positions, other job seekers just need to accept a job. "You have to eat," says Navadomskis. Krueger's advice? "Do your homework on your potential employer. If an employer is consistently unethical, it will make the news."

Following are the overall survey results:

Would you work for an employer with questionable ethics?

  • No - 75%
  • Yes, but I wouldn't want to personally do anything unethical - 16%
  • Yes, ethics are relative anyway - 9%

The survey was conducted nationally using an online poll placed on the CollegeGrad.com home page during July, 2005. The results are based on more than 700 respondents.

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