Items You Can Negotiate

Money isn't everything. 401(k) matching and stock options are nice too.

If you feel the offer is unacceptable to you, you must determine what will make it acceptable. Remember that the answer is not always more money. Real estate agents are great at "restructuring offers" to make them more attractive, while the bottom-line dollars remain virtually unchanged. The point is, there are more things than money that can make a deal happen. Following are some of the basic areas of job offer negotiation.

Monetaries Near-Monetaries Non-Monetaries
Base Salary Benefits Title
Promised Increases Overtime/Comp Time Training/Education
Yearly Bonuses Company Car Access to Technology
Signing Bonuses Travel Awards Reviews
Profit Sharing Relocation Assistance Travel Assignments
Stock Options/ESOPs Expense Coverage Home Equipment Usage

Although there are many different areas subject to negotiation, it should also be noted that money is the first issue that needs to be resolved. If you are seeking $40,000, and they are offering $30,000, there is a major discrepancy. But it is quite different if they are offering $39,000 and you want $40,000. Is a $1,000 differential going to keep you from accepting the position? Is it truly unacceptable? How do you determine what is acceptable and what is unacceptable?