The Efficient Market Technique

This technique applies only to schools where lottery or bid points can be sold or reassigned from one student to another (most schools no longer allow this, but if yours does, make sure you use this technique). The solution is simple—make friends early with those who will be going on to grad school. Then buy up their supply of points as early as you possibly can (beginning of the fall semester is best), well ahead of the "feeding frenzy" (and subsequent drought of available points) that occurs in the middle of the spring semester. Don't worry about the cost—it will be well worth it, for two reasons. First, if you have not landed a job by spring, you will be glad to have the extra points already purchased at "pre-season" prices. Second (and even better), if you have landed a job, you can sell your points to the highest bidder. I heard from one college grad who made several hundred dollars by accepting a job before winter break. She held onto her points and finally sold them after the spring break rush. She used some of the money toward a down payment on a car. What a great added incentive for securing your job early!