The Bragging Point Technique

After the initial introductions are made, there is usually a long, silent walk back to the interview room. It may be a short period of time, but it can often feel like a death march. Instead of walking silently behind the interviewer, take the opportunity to establish a basic level of rapport. As you begin "the walk," whether it is 5 feet or 500 feet, comment to the interviewer, "I appreciate the opportunity to meet with you today." Wait for a response, then prompt with a well-selected bragging point about the interviewer's company, showing that you have done your research. A bragging point is something the employees of the company would be particularly proud to note. It can usually be found in the President's letter to the shareholders in the company's annual report. An example would be: "I understand that your company has been growing at over 30 percent per year for the last five years. It must be an exciting time to be working for XYZ." Always choose what you feel will be the number one bragging point for the company. Turn the tables and look at it from the employer's point of view. What would be their selling point in attracting new employees to work for their company? When you show that you have detailed knowledge of the company in one area, it will be assumed that you have even greater knowledge about the company in general. Set up this bragging point as an opener on your way to the interview room and you will not only show your knowledge of the company, you will also set a level of rapport that will guide you through the course of the interview.