How to Immediately Impress an On-Campus Recruiter

If you have done your job well in researching the company, carry the company information with you to the interview—not packed away in your folder, but out where it can be seen. Most recruiters will notice immediately that you have an advanced edition of what they may have been giving to others at the end of the interview. It shows that you have done your homework.

Where to get this information? The Career Center usually has a company folder with materials gathered from past visits. Don't worry if the information is six months or a year out of date, since it will give the recruiter the opportunity to update you on the latest.

Make sure you know the information inside and out. This is not just a prop for show, since you will be expected to have read the full contents if you are carrying it. Be ready and willing to demonstrate your basic understanding of the company when asked. Good preparation will always impress an on-campus recruiter, whose day often consists of explaining, over and over, what their company does for a living. Finally, someone who understands in advance. You have made an instant connection.