The Very Best Question to Ask Before You Start Work

Want to really impress your new employer? Ask if there are any materials that you can read or study before you start work. Not only will it give you a jump start on the work at hand, it will place you very favorably with your future employer. Of all the people I have been involved in hiring over the years, this request was made only twice—and both times it was made known to everyone in the department, from line management on up to VP, that this person truly had "the kind of attitude that will go far in our company."

Even if you will be part of a formal training program, just the fact that you requested to go above and beyond will place you in good standing. And if they don't have any work-related materials, you might ask for a recommendation of outside reading (books, articles, etc.). It will be duly noted that you are a potential superstar in the making.