The Bird Dog Technique

Please goes a long way in a job search.

Similar to the Chaining Technique, the Bird Dog Technique is especially well suited for those network contacts who are unable to help you at the first level, yet are willing to put in an extra effort on your behalf. Aunt Mabel would probably be a good example. Ask these network contacts to reach out and do some work for you. It may include pulling the want ads in your local newspaper back home. Or contacting the local chamber of commerce. Or doing some library research. Or even some basic phone calls. This technique is especially important if distance is a factor in your job search. If you have a local "bird dog" who can sniff out and track down opportunities for you on your behalf, you will have gained a valuable scout in your job search battle plan.

Bird dogs are most likely to be friends and family members, since it requires asking a personal favor for them to fill this role. Explain what your specific needs are in the early stages of your job search and what they should keep their eyes and ears open for, then ask for their continued assistance as your job search develops. They will usually be more than happy to help (assuming you have been a good friend/neighbor/nephew/etc.), and it will give them an opportunity to provide you with valuable assistance in your job search. But a note of caution: do not use this technique as a crutch to get others to do your work for you. This technique is to be used as an extension to reach into a marketplace that you cannot reach due to personal constraints. Don't abuse the privilege.