Professional Contacts in Your Own Backyard

During the course of your college career, you have undoubtedly been exposed to a variety of professionals who have come to campus for one reason or another. Most common are the professionals who guest lecture in classes. Or the professionals who give presentations to clubs. Or the professionals who give lectures before the student body.

That person who spoke on campus may be your direct connection to your future employer.

Did you take good notes? Do you know their names, what company they are with, and where they are located? If so, now is the time to track them down! If not, trace back to the contact who arranged their campus visit and ask for contact information. Then call them to inform them of your job search. Let them know that you remembered them and the information they provided when they were on campus. Let them know that you are now ready to enter the field. Then ask them for their list of the top five companies you should contact. Be sure to include them as part of your personal network by sending them a copy of your resume and asking for their critique. By keeping in close contact with these industry movers and shakers, you will have an "in" that very few others have tapped into.