Signing Up With The Career Center

Most Career Centers require you to register with the office before taking advantage of the services provided. This may be as simple as a line item on a check-in form, but more likely will involve filling out a registration form or data sheet. In addition to supplying basic information internally for the office, this form often doubles as an information sheet for employers, so take the time to fill it out neatly and completely. You may also be required to sign a release form giving your permission to release your resume and credentials to employers.

Another initial step is to provide a current copy of your resume. Many Career Centers are now using softcopy Microsoft Word resumes instead of paper resumes. These electronic resumes may be combined with others for e-mail forwarding to potential employers. When providing your resume to the Career Center, provide a both hard copy (paper) and soft copy (electronic). It is recommended to follow the resume format covered earlier in this book, but use only the format. Change all of the content to make it your original creation. Always attempt to be an original when possible.