Services of The Career Center

It is worth your while to request a listing of all the services provided by the Career Center, since all of the services offered are not always readily apparent from a simple visit to the office. In addition to personal career counseling, the Career Center typically coordinates the following activities:

  • Career Fair—often held early in the Fall semester as a way to introduce students to employers and potential careers.
  • Job Fair—the more focused "yes we are hiring" job fair can take place in the Fall or Spring semesters. Some smaller colleges combine to form consortium job fairs, which draw a greater number of employers than any one college could attract on its own.
  • Career Assessments—personality, interests, skills, aptitudes, values and more can be measured through standardized assessments in combination with career counseling.
  • Career Seminars—specific programs may be offered on career planning, career exploration, and other job search topics. Note that material from this website (or the College Grad Job Hunter book) is often used as the reference guides for many of the job search seminars being provided, so you already have a head start. Yet you can always learn more.
  • Mock Interviewing/Interview Coaching—if you have not yet completed a mock interview, do the necessary preparation to get ready for it, then do it. Don't worry if you mess up the first time. There is always the opportunity to try again. Besides, it's much better to mess up a practice run on video (where you can humbly watch it later and then make adjustments) than in front of the recruiter for your dream employer.
  • On-Campus Interviewing—the Career Center typically handles all of the scheduling and logistics for on-campus interviewing. Make sure that you have all your signup and resume information on file in advance, then work with the Career Center to make sure that you get the interviews you want. Then provide the feedback to the Career Center on any next steps taken beyond the on-campus interview.

The Career Center offers a wealth of resources and services. It's your job to find the job so take advantage of the free services available to you. It's up to you to reach out and put their resources and experience to work for you!