Resources At The Career Center

The same services available for free or little cost from your Career Center would cost from $500 to $3000 at a professional career counseling service.

The Career Center is an excellent place to begin your career planning and to initiate your job search. In addition to the assistance of the professional staff, you will have access to probably the most complete library of job information and employer information available on campus. The following are some of the resources which may be available to you in the Career Center:

  • Books—on specific careers and industries, as well as a variety of job search books (if College Grad Job Hunter is not on their shelves, suggest that they buy a copy—or give them your copy after you have successfully secured a job).
  • Subscriptions—magazines specific to supporting the needs of college grad careers and job search.
  • Occupational Listings—information about a variety of different occupations, including economic outlook and forecast for future demand and growth.
  • Directories—listings of employers who hire at the entry level, often categorized by job type, industry, and geography.
  • Graduate School Information—information on various graduate schools, including college admissions catalogs, degree requirements, and associate application forms, plus additional information on any necessary entrance exams and/or testing.
  • Employer Information—information on employers who are coming to campus in the coming semester, who have come in the past, and who have an interest in students from your school but are not coming to your campus. This information may be in the form of employer folders (where information provided by current year and previous years' on-campus employers is stored), hard-copy research, or CD research tools, or online access to related Internet sites.
  • Job Postings—specific jobs may be posted in the office, either in advance of on-campus interviews or for employers who are unable to come to campus. They are called job postings because in the past they were typically posted on an actual bulletin board—the "job board." While the job postings may still be posted on a bulletin board, many schools also have the job postings in electronic or Web format. Not finding what you are looking for? The job postings are typically updated on a continuous basis, so be sure to check back often. Or set up job agents for electronic notification of new positions being posted.
  • Computer Resources—often there will be PC-based programs, as well as Internet access. Make sure to check out as your first stop on the Internet.

In short, the Career Center gives you access to a wealth of information which can often be found nowhere else on campus, as well as real human beings with your best interests in mind to guide you and support you in the job search process. Make sure you take advantage of this valuable service.