Benefits Of The Career Center

While your job search is new to you, it's a way of life for professionals in a Career Center. The career counselors have ongoing experience in working with students from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, and will already have established links with interested employers. Career counselors actively survey the job market, seeking out the best practices for you to employ in your job search. They are constantly in touch with potential employers in order to bring the broadest mix of potential employers to your campus for on-campus interviewing.

The career counselor is there to assist you in your search for your first career position. While the company recruiter is focused on looking for the best person for the position, the career counselor is looking for the best position for the person. The career counselor has built professional relationships with employers, keeps up with emerging trends in the employment field, and can personally coach you on how to market yourself as well as help you build your own employer connections. It's in your best interest to develop a personal and continuing relationship with your career counselor.