The Pride of Ownership Technique

Not sure how you are doing in the interview? Want to greatly increase your odds? You can do both with the Pride of Ownership Technique. To use this simple technique during the course of the interview, simply start giving your replies and asking your questions in terms of ownership—as if you are already part of the company. One way is to formulate the last part of your response to a "Teamwork" question with, "What kind of departmental structure will I be working in with your company?" Note the important difference. You are not asking, "What kind of departmental structure does your company have?" This is detached. You need to attach yourself—take pride of ownership—in the company.

Why? Two reasons. First and foremost, it establishes the link between you and the company. This is critical in helping the interviewer visualize you actually working for the company—the offer will never come if they cannot get past this step. Second, it provides you with instant feedback as to how you are doing within the interview. If the interviewer balks at your question or reshapes it by unlinking—especially by adding the "if" word in restating your question—you have a pretty good indication that you have not fully sold them on you. But if they accept your language and begin talking about you as if you are a part of the company, you are probably in a good position to close the sale.