The Personal Connection Technique

No matter how good you look on paper, no matter how well you present yourself, no matter how well you answer their questions, you will not get the job unless you make a personal connection with the interviewer. I need to know from the very start that you are someone I can trust to represent me and my company. How do you establish that trust? Simple. At the very beginning of the interview, when the introductions are being made, concentrate on looking directly and solidly into the interviewer's eyes, giving them your sweetest and most endearing smile. I tend to think of it as a "shy smile," or, if we can venture into the bounds of cuteness, a "cute smile." The bottom line is to make it a warm and friendly smile. Then think about the fact that you are truly pleased to be there in the presence of this person. Establish that personal connection both physically and mentally with the interviewer.

How do you know when the connection is made? When they return your smile in a comfortable, relaxed manner you are connected and ready to communicate on a personal level. Remember, I only hire people with whom I am comfortable. If the connection is not made, I won't hire. So take the time to establish that personal connection.