How to Never Be Nervous Again

If even the thought of interviewing makes you nervous, it's important to get that emotion under control. The interview is your opportunity to be at your best. If you allow nervousness to control your presentation (or lack thereof), your image may be forever shrouded in the cloud of nervousness that will block the interviewer's total view of who you are.

Why do we get nervous? Because of the unknown. We are seeking approval, but we are unsure of ourselves and how we will be perceived. We are afraid we won't get approval, which makes us nervous. And to compound the problem, our increasing nervousness makes it even more difficult to gain that approval, thereby compounding the basis for our fears. Uncontrolled, nervousness can destroy our ability to effectively interview.

But it doesn't have to be that way. The following is a simple technique you can apply to overcome your nervousness in any interviewing situation. It is a technique that I personally use in overcoming my own nervousness, and it will work equally well for you.