The Job Fair No-Show Technique

If there is a job fair you would like to attend but are unable to do so, there is still a way to get noticed. Send your resume to the sponsoring organization twice, at least a week apart. The first one should arrive at least a week before the job fair and the second just after the date of the job fair. The reason? They will be accumulating resumes from those unable to attend in a stack or file. Then after the job fair, the resumes will be distributed to attending employers. When the employer representative scans through the stack of two hundred to five hundred resumes, yours will be both at the beginning and at the end. And when it is seen the second time, the light will go on. "I know I have seen that person's resume before." You will get a long second look, which may be enough to make an impact.

Your resume should be specific and targeted. The two key areas on a job fair resume are the Objective section and the Summary section. Make sure yours are direct and to the point.