How to Quickly Bypass Long Interview Lines

Read the employer materials while you wait. If you finish them, read them again. Know the information as if it were your own.

You can only use this technique once during the day (or twice if you have a large gastric capacity), but it is a very effective way to bypass what might otherwise be an hour wait. Ask the recruiter to lunch—your treat. Sitting with you, listening to your background, is all that you ask in return. Many will appreciate the opportunity to get away, even if it is just for thirty minutes. Set up reservations for lunch at a nearby (or, better yet, on-site) sit-down restaurant. Then approach the recruiter from the side of the booth and mention that you have a table for two reserved for lunch. If you are turned down, try it with other recruiters you are interested in until it does work. Usually you will have at least a 25 percent hit rate, so you usually will not have to ask more than three or four different recruiters before you get an acceptance. Then use that time productively by talking rather than eating. You will put the recruiter in a different environment than he or she is experiencing with the rest of the "herd" and will gain a high probability of remembrance based on your willingness to meet their needs first. Try it!