The Best Job Sites

The best job sites are far and few. There are many, many out there, but few actually have real content to help you in your entry level job search. Here is our list of the top three:

  • — is ranked the number one entry level Web site in the world (by Google and Alexa) with more entry level career information than any other site on the Web. The site has won more Web awards (over eighty) than any other career site. There is information on job postings (over 1,000,000), entry level employers (over 1,000), resumes (over 100 templates), career info (more than 350 careers), salary info (for more than 1,000 occupations), and more! There are other entry level sites out there, but they're either too small or closed access (i.e., you need a user ID and password to access jobs only for your school), which limits what you can view. is by far the largest and broadest entry level job site. If you haven't seen all the information at, it's time to take a look!
  • — Monster definitely has plenty of jobs. But many of these are posted by recruiters and are not "real" jobs at "real" companies. The problem with this is sorting through all the "clutter" jobs as well as the "entry level need not apply" jobs to get to the ones that truly matter. is the 800-pound gorilla of the job search space and they act like it.
  • CareerBuilder — CareerBuilder is owned by three major media corporations (Tegna, Tribune, and McClatchy) to combine both online and offline (print) job postings. They generate a large amount of their traffic through partnership links with other sites (such as AOL and MSN).

Don't get blown away by the sheer immensity of the number of jobs and the exhaustion level you might encounter in attempting to sift through jobs, especially at The Big Three. Once you have a clear focus on what you are looking for, set up a job search agent at as well as the other general sites. That way, you will get an e-mail whenever a new job is posted that meets your specific criteria. But make sure your job search agent is specific enough so that you don't get inundated with useless job postings which do not meet your needs. Do not worry if you get it wrong the first time you set up your job search agent, since you can always change it in the future.