The Marketing Flyer Technique

Depending on your chosen profession, the Marketing Flyer Technique can be a creative method for reaching your target market. The format can vary based on the type of standard communication specific to a particular industry, so it usually ties in with a specific theme. The best format is one that is standard and recognizable as an "industry format." The remaining techniques in this chapter are all variations of the Marketing Flyer Technique that have been used successfully in a variety of industries.

A marketing flyer can be highly creative and fun to work with and distribute. If well written and designed, they are often passed to several people within the target company. The key to success in development is to write for your market—what works for Satchi may not work with Accenture. If you use items with standard appeal within your chosen industry, you will be a success.

A word of caution in using this approach: some few will ridicule deviations from the standard resume/cover letter approach. If your approach is poorly conceived or shoddy in appearance, you may garner nothing more than a laugh. But if you keep to the high standards of your industry, you will get some raised eyebrows and possibly much more. It may provide you with the key for unlocking the doors that bar your entry.

Keep in mind that if you wince at any of these approaches, you should probably avoid them and stick with traditional methods. If it is out of character for you and inconsistent with the type of company you are seeking to attract, take a more conservative approach. If, on the other hand, you have a creative bent, this may give you an outlet for reaching out to your second-tier companies.