The Audit Certification Technique

Granted, this technique only works well with accountants seeking a career in public accounting. It is written in the same standard format as the audit certification statement made by a public accounting firm after an audit. The twist is that this is written about an accounting grad, "certifying" their background and skills in the industry. It is then signed by either a fictitious "Partner-in-Charge" with the firm or, better yet, the academic head of the School of Accounting at your college.

If you need a template for development, you will find one in nearly every annual report of publicly traded companies. Some creativity is inherent in the use of this technique, but don't get too flashy—just the concept is about as flashy as most conservative accounting firms can handle. It works best for small to medium-sized firms, which often encourage more unconventional approaches to the market and would value a true spark of creativity.

After reading through all the Guerrilla Insider Techniques, it is easy to write them off as "not applicable" to your position or profession. Yet with subtle changes, you can develop a technique that is just right for you. Creativity is all you need to be different from the stacks of resumes with which you are competing. Make the effort to be different. Make the effort to be unique. Make the effort to be the one who rises above all others.