Masters of the University

Probably the most popular option for the perpetually unemployed is further schooling. But unless graduate study truly enhances your job search opportunities, you are only delaying the inevitable.

Grad school is much less painful than the reality of unemployment.

Why do so many students head off to grad school? Is it because they are so much more employable with the advanced degree (as most grad schools would have you believe)? Or is it to further enhance the academic and professional understanding of the field of interest? Unfortunately, no. The majority of college students (over 60 percent by a recent poll) choose grad school not for the educational opportunities offered, but because it is preferable to having to go out and find a job.

Yes, it does look much better to go on to grad school than to spend two years watching Oprah and eating Cheetos. If that is truly your only alternative, go hide from reality for a couple more years in hopes of a better job search later.

But next time, do your job search right from the start. In fact, begin to plan now so that you will be ahead of the game instead of behind it. Plan ahead for your spring thaw early in your hibernation cycle.